Coffee Gear: Aeropress + Coava Disk

Amongst the really awesome presents I received this year were two most bits of coffee paraphernalia – a syphon with its own little butane burner thing, and an Aeropress. The syphon is fun, but has a pretty steep learning curve. I feel a bit like a mad scientist when I’m using it.

The Aeropress is just easy, and the perfect solution for making coffee away from home. So far I’ve used it in the office and on my in-laws farm. It’s also pretty cheap – and at $54 is a great entry to the home espresso quest.

Former World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe has a video tutorial on his website, which I’ll now post here…

Aeropress brewing guide from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

Out of the box it’s designed to use paper filters. Which is nice, but if you’re after a more permanent filter solution, it comes in the form of these chemically etched filter disks from Coava

Used as directed, Aeropress will provide you with something very similar to espresso (who are we kidding, it’s coffee brewed under pressure – it is espresso). But you can play all sorts of fun games and use it to make filtered coffee as well – here’s a tutorial from Coava themselves.

They used the same method to make a filter cone (which they’ve called a “Kone”).

You can buy the Aeropress from just about any good coffee retailer, you can get an Aeropress and a Coava Filter from my favourite online coffee store, and supplier of my green beans – For the ultimate in portable coffee you can get the Aeropress and Kyocera hand grinder as a package (for $133).

Kones are used in filter coffee makers like the Chemex. Which will be my next coffee frontier.

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