Brisbane Cafe Review, Esher St Tarragindi

Suburban cafes are the new black. And it takes something special to standout in a sea of black.

Enter Esher St. I should make something like a disclosure here. It’s hard for me to be impartial about this place, owner Jia Brooks is a guy I’ve known since we both lived in Townsville. He taught me how to make coffee. He’s a good bloke. So I want this place to do well. But I promise not to be biased.

Esher St is part cafe, part gift shop, part deli, part delicious. It offers cracking food, all day – we’ve been there for breakfast in the morning and breakfast in the late afternoon. Last time we were there they had a fresh batch of cookies coming steaming out of the oven. The cookies were good.

The deli range is fun to browse. The gifts are nifty. The food is incredible. Seriously. Hearty and full of flavour. Go the “Esher St” – it is rich and warm and nourishing.

The coffee is from Veneziano, where Jia was working before kicking this place off.

I’m a fan. It’s a well balanced blend, and if Jia is behind the machine it won’t just look good, it’ll taste good too. The guy has plenty of experience making great coffee. I can attest to that.

If you are too, and you like their blend done right, with a bit of flair, check this place out. It’s already popular with the mum set from Tarragindi.

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