Coffee Video Friday: Stovetop Brewing with James Hoffman

Good stove top coffee is almost impossible. Not impossible. Just almost impossible. Another video guide from James Hoffman. The man is a prodigious maker of worthwhile video guides…

Videocast #4 – Stove top/Moka Pot from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.

Preheating the water (even preboiling) before tipping it in the stovetop chamber is the top tip. He also uses a much coarser grind than I have in the past.

Coffee T-Shirt Saturday: Stove-Top Top

If neither latte art, nor the good old French press are for you – worry no more – you can walkabout wearing your very own Stove Top T-Shirt – complete with a typographic explanation of the craft…

You can purchase this bad boy on RedBubble.

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