Brisbane Cafe Review, Merriweather, South Brisbane

The Cup empire is expanding. Coffee lovers rejoice.

Merriweather (also on Facebook) is the lovingly and carefully conceived offspring of the Cup team – it’s even on the same street as the mother ship. It boasts the same incredible attention to aesthetics. The same simple fare with a slightly decadent touch, and the same approach to the bean. Near perfection.

This was my French Fruit toast with poached quince and Mascarpone. From memory (my visit to Merriweather was a couple of weeks ago – the review has been delayed somewhat by the arrival of my baby boy). It was delicious.

The coffee menu is, as one would expect from Cup, spectacular – featuring a special house blend, a single origin, and the expertise of some fine baristas behind the stunning Kees Van der Western Spirit – there’s also pourover if that’s your cup of coffee.

I described this flat white as “brown sugar in a cup” – sadly, thanks once again to my failing memory – I can’t remember where it was from. But I can remember the taste like it was yesterday.

Merriweather is set up in the ground floor of the brand new Vine building on the corner of Russell and Merrivale. Josh – the brains, hands, and creativity behind Cup is a candidate for some sort of cafe edition of The Block – the fit out is his craftsmanship. It is simply stunning.

Clean. Simple. Elegant. The attention to detail extends to the coffees – or perhaps from the coffees outwards. Long may they reign.

Brisbane Cafe Review: Raw Space Cafe

I’ve enjoyed a couple of lunches at South Brisbane’s Raw Space Cafe. A nice little cafe/art gallery set up on Melbourne Street. There isn’t any signage advertising exactly what sort of coffee they’re churning out – but they do have a La Cimbali machine with a coffex sticker on the side. So I’m going to assume that’s what it is until I hear otherwise.

Their burgers are amazing. Well worth the price of admission. Especially the lamb kofta burger. The chips are just sensational. And the coffee? Well. It is interesting. It’s not bad. The milk texturing leaves a little to be desired – a little too much bubble and not enough silk. The coffee is served in these massive soup bowl like cups. I’m not sure if that only happens with a double shot. They may equate double shot with large.

They do provide a water chaser with each drink, which is a plus. The flavour of the coffee itself (in the guise of a double shot flat white) is not unpleasant. I’ve had a couple. There’s this odd banana like taste that was there both times. It’s not bad. But it’s distinct. I’d say the coffee beans are a little stale. But I’ve had worse. Much worse. And the food really is divine, plus the atmosphere is kind of funky and hip.

I wouldn’t go just for the coffee. But I’ll happily return for one of those burgers (though not for the $8.50 pie I had on my first visit).

I can’t tell what

Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

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