Brisbane Cafe Review: Plantation Coffee Roasters, West End

I’ve been meaning to check Plantation Coffee Roasters out for pretty much the entire 2.5 months they’ve been open. And today was our lucky day. A trip to West End for breakfast, and 15 minutes spare on our parking meter was a perfect window to jump through to check out this new addition to West End’s specialty coffee scene.


Shaf started out roasting as a wholesaler with accounts like Shucked, I reviewed a Costa Rican he roasted and it was one of my favourite coffees in 2011, he’s no longer supplying Shucked, but he’s using that experience to eke out his spot in West End, his clean little space has already drummed up a community of committed locals. The house blend is an improved version of his original Shucked blend, with the benefit of significant time refining his palette, and the blend’s dynamic. The result is, not surprisingly, refined. There’s a really nice balance, it rolls around the tongue and slides down the throat like silk.

plantation flat white

Shaf is pulling shots on a shiny La Marzocco, and offering the blend plus a rotating single origin (he’s recently featured that Costa Rican. There’s a cake cabinet filled with delicious looking bits of baked goodery, and a relatively comfortable space to hang out and watch life unfold on West End’s Boundary Street – it’s located at number 140 Boundary Street.

Coffee Bean Review: Plantation Coffee Roasters Costa Rica La Lapa

So a little while back I reviewed a cafe called Shucked. Shucked made my top ten cafes for 2011, largely on the back of the sensational single origin they served up, which was, drum roll, a Costa Rica La Lapa.

When I wrote that original review, one of my criticisms of Shucked was that I didn’t know who roasted their Shuck’n’Awe blend and that sensational Single Origin. One thing led to another, and their roaster, Shaf, from Plantation Coffee Roasters got in touch with me to let me know a) he roasts for Shucked, and b) he’s a new roaster on the scene in Brisbane. Again, one thing led to another, and suddenly I had a bag of the very same Costa Rican coffee in my hot little hands to review.

Now. Initially I’d planned to do all sorts of fancy stuff like using the Costa Rican in my Chemex, and putting it through its brewing paces. But I didn’t. Because it was just so good through my espresso machine. Tasty. Not quite the lemon meringue tasty that Shucked served up. I’m not packing a fancy La Marzocco. But sweet. Citrus. Tasty.

Here it is going through its paces in my lab/kitchen.

Plantation Coffee Roasters is working on a roastery of some sort. In the mean time they’re roasting coffee for the following locations:

Shucked Coffee House
9 Creswell St , Newstead

Venice Gelato Cafe
shop22/315 Brunswick st
Fortitude Valley

Star Fish Cafe
12 Goggs Rd

Sunshine kebabs
Eastern Rd
Browns Plains

If you’re interested in finding out more about Plantation, find them on Facebook here. I can highly recommend checking out their wares at Shucked.

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