Brisbane Cafe Review, The Rogue Rennard, Paddington

Paddington is a suburb made for good coffee – but pickings have, in my opinion, been slimmer per capita of trendy person, than they should be – sure, there’s Hamptons – who do a cracking breakfast and serve up a good cup of St Ali. And there are other places known for food. But if I was going to tell someone to head to an area of Brisbane for a guaranteed good cuppa – it wouldn’t be Paddington.

But. The trendy person:specialty coffee outlet ratio has been boosted in recent weeks with the arrival of the Rogue Rennard – French for red fox.

The Rogue Rennard is a Cup Specialty Coffee account (the second with a Francophile theme – see The Little Prince).

The Rogue Rennard’s website explains the name:

“Remmie “The Rogue” Rennard was a famous and talented explorer during the late 1800s. Credited by newspapers of the time with having discovered coffee, the Americas and also pioneering modern-day brewing techniques.

He was of course discredited of these claims not long after it was found that he had penned the stories himself after a 12-day cognac and opium binge – and not to mention that his discovery of the ‘new world’ would have been a few hundred years too late.”

They’re serving up the delicious Five Star Day blend – which is one of my favourites. And they’re serving it up with a bit of style and aplomb, in a little French themed space decked out with a bit of style and aplomb. If there were two words I’d use to describe my Rogue Rennard experience, replete with a couple of friends, and some good times, and some food (they’ve just got their food licence) – they’d be “style” and “aplomb.”

The service was fast and friendly. The coffee was good, with creamy milk served at the perfect temperature.

The clientele were stylish, they were greeted – often by name. This is a nice little place, in a nice little suburb, serving up nice little selection of food, at nice little prices.

They live up to their offer, in their own words…

You can follow the Rogue Renard on Facebook.
(map will be added when my Google Maps plugin gets fixed – until then – find them at 106 Latrobe Tce, Paddington)

Brisbane Cafe Review: Hamptons Home Living, Paddington

I’ve read good things in the Twittersphere about Hamptons Home Living, a fancy homewares store come cafe. So when the opportunity for a Saturday cafe breakfast presented itself, away we went.

This converted Queenslander on La Trobe Terrace is a bit of a visual feast. An expensive visual feast. Their homewares are at the higher end of the scale.

But it’s the promise of St Ali coffee out of Melbourne that lured us here. And the coffee, well, it was a little disappointing.

It wasn’t that the latte art was non existent. And it wasn’t the flavour of the two blends on offer – the St Ali standard blend and another called “Champion”. The coffee itself was nice. The temperature was great. The shiny La Marzocco had doubtless pulled a good shot. It was the flavour of the milk that let the experience down, it had the funkiness that comes from milk jugs not being rinsed between shots. A cursory glance at the jug as I paid revealed a calcified build up on the sides of the jug. Which was unfortunate. If you did a little bit of discerning drinking you could make out beautiful fruitiness in the Champion Blend and a rich chocolatey burst in the house blend. Delicious stuff. So I bought some beans.

The breakfasts were sensational, though the Hash Brown was more potato cake than hash brown. We’d highly recommend the experience. The service was friendly, the view from the balcony was relaxing, and the heaters (and offer of knee rugs) was enough to battle the winter chill.


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