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Dear dear reader,

You, dear reader, are very special to me. I feel like we have a bond. A deep and dependant bond. I feel like we’ve established some sort of rapport. I feel like you’d like to know some of the stuff I’ve learned in my years of coffee snobbery.

I put a book together for a seminar I’ve run a couple of times, then I added a bunch more content, then I chose some fonts (Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, in all caps, and Palatino), then I made the book into a PDF, made a fancy 3D cover, and finally uploaded it to this place that lets you sell ebooks with PayPal.

You can now totally buy this book. For $5. Which, at the price of a cup of coffee (or slightly more) is a bargain.

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Barista Basics from Cup Coffee

Cup is one of my favourite cafes. It was one of the first places I reviewed here, and it remains in my top three cafes in Brisbane.

It has been far too long since I’ve last enjoyed the fruits of their Slayer. And I feel like I should go back there even if it’s just to update the photos used in that review… But we can all enjoy the fruits of their labours together – thanks to their freshly published guide to making coffee which they’ve launched into cyberspace. This is top shelf stuff. Apparently its the material used in their barista course, and apparently there’s an advanced guide in the pipeline – at least that’s what the link says.

This is gold. There’s little tips in there like this one about splitting the milk into two jugs before you pour it into your coffee:

Splitting milk for multiple drinks should be done immediately after steaming.
Pouring multiple drinks from one jug will result in the first drink having more foam.
Milk is best served around 60 degrees celsius. You should learn to feel this temperature with experience. Splitting milk into a cold jug will reduce temperature by around 5 degrees. Always preheat jugs before splitting.

Like I said in my review. These guys pay attention to detail. They sweat the small stuff – you can see it in the typography in this guide, and you can taste it in the cup.

Setting your children on a path of coffee righteousness…

There’s a verse in the book of Proverbs, from the Bible, which says:

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

That’s clearly the reasoning behind the parenting on display in this video.

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