Review: The Bean Providore, fresh coffee to your door each month

I’ve liked the Bean Providore on Facebook for a while now. So I was pretty excited when they asked me if I’d like to review their service here.

This is what they do

It’s $35 a month, which is quite reasonable for postage of 400gm of high standard specialty coffee.

Here’s what it looks like when it arrives – it was a bit of a thrill getting a selection of coffees that I hadn’t had any hand in choosing. This is the adult lucky dip. I used to love the lucky dip option at toy shops… it was the same feeling. Right down to the crepe paper.

This month’s delivery had a nice range.

I cracked open the Guatemalan first.

One of the difficulties of a 150gm bag of coffee is that if you make any mistakes dialling in your shots you’ve wasted a fair proportion of the bag. Which is fine. It just gives you less wiggle room.

My first shot was a little bit of a gusher. It was drinkable. But a little washed out. I weighed, and dosed (and weighed) 18g of it into my 18g VST basket. And I repeated that with a finer grind for subsequent shots.

The subsequent shots were pretty special – it was a really complex coffee.

The next bag I opened was the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – a perennial favourite, though tracing Yirgacheffes has become more difficult because of some changes in the Ethiopian coffee market.

My first shot, again, was a little fast – but it was still rich, fruity, and gooey.

The second shot was much better.

It’s a great service. I could get used to having people take a lot of the work out of sourcing coffees for me (if I wasn’t a sucker for being involved in every part of the journey from green bean to cup). They also sell Kopi Luwak.

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