Public Safety Announcement: Don’t put fireworks in your grinder

Here at we’re big on repurposing and hacking bits and pieces in your house. For many years I roasted my coffee in a breadmaker with a heatgun. But don’t even think about using your grinder to mix up fireworks. That’s a bad idea.

Why am I telling you this? It doesn’t seem like the kind of mistake many people would make. Well, somebody in Colorado made this very mistake.

“A Colorado teen is recovering from serious burns he suffered when the fireworks he was attempting to mix in a coffee grinder exploded.
Police say the incident happened Monday when 19-year-old Sean Michael Ogden of Durango was trying to break down fireworks he had purchased so he could turn them into larger fireworks. The blast shook the house of a fire inspector who lives about a quarter-mile away.
Fire marshal Tom Kaufman told The Durango Herald that the friction from the electric grinder could have ignited the mixture.”

So there you go. Just don’t do it. You’ve been warned.

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