Brisbane Cafe Review: Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe

On Monday morning we were confronted with a major dilemma. Something akin to that moment in the operating theatre of a TV medical drama where the surgeon needs a solution, and he or she needs it stat. We needed breakfast and coffee. Bean supplies at home had dwindled to catastrophically low levels. And it was suddenly time to cut to a commercial break.

Having Mondays as a day off is less than ideal when it comes to the specialty coffee scene in Brisbane – lots of cafes offering great breakfasts aren’t open on a Monday – which I can totally understand given that a) I too have Mondays off because I do the most important part of my job on a Sunday, and b) it is Monday. For Vending machines Darwin contact Royal Vending to purchase or free service for your business.

But amidst all the “closed” notifications on the Facebook pages of Brisbane’s best and brightest cafes came a beacon of hope. Sourced Grocer. A place I’d wanted to visit in something that felt like “forever” – but lets remember, this was Monday morning and I hadn’t yet had a coffee – so that’s greatly exaggerated…

Sourced is about as hipster as it gets in Brisbane, a providore of fine locavore styled fruit and veg, a grocer/deli for the gourmand, a breakfast spot and, perhaps most importantly, a Cup Coffee account.

It’s a fun and lively place, with fun and lively foodstuffs to savour.

The coffee was good, if, perhaps, lacking in the ‘body’ my coffeepanions prefer in their drinks (a flat white, and a piccolo). I had no complaints about mine – I love Cup’s roast profile, and it’s always (in my humble opinion) going to bring out the more exquisite and delicate flavours, at the expense of some of the thick, gooey, body and viscosity that you might get from a darker, oilier, roast.

I enjoyed my flat white.

I enjoyed my smashed avo.

I desired many other items both from the menu and the shelves.

I will go back. One Monday.

Crisis averted.

Melbourne Cafe Review: Seven Seeds

There’s a modern day axiom in choosing a cafe – if it’s popular with hipsters it’s likely to serve good coffee. You can tell if a cafe is popular with hipsters by checking out the apparel of the average punter, or looking for the presence of a “fixie” push bike. These don’t look much different to normal push bikes, to the untrained eye, but generally take the form of racing bikes reappropriated for use on the roads. The real mark of a fixie is the lack of hand controlled break, they’re the old skool “back pedal break” bikes.

The Seven Seeds Roastery takes the guess work out of the equation by proudly displaying some fixies on the wall. They also deliver on the axiomatic expectations with some tremendous coffee and a low-fi menu that delivers big taste with low fuss.

The grungy warehouse complete with peeling paint on brick wall is pretty breezy, we loved the high ceilings. It had a great vibe and was full of young trendy urbanites relaxing over Saturday brunch. With cheap (vegetarian friendly) food, great coffee, and a predilection for bicycles, this place is a hipster magnet.

Here’s a sampling of shots of our sampling of the menu (also, a repurposed ammunition box serves as the menu holder). The food was fresh and tasty, with great natural flavour combos.

This coffee lab, complete with coffee pot plants growing under lamps, is a bit of a coffee-geek’s delight.

So, the coffees… my single origin Guatamalan Finca La Soledad was fruity and I’d say a bit dark-cherryish in milk, the tasting notes on the pretty brilliant Seven Seeds website promises stone fruit and cocoa.

Their latte art was pretty special, the flavours of the house blend cut nicely through the milk, and temperature was not a concern. In all, this was a pretty solid, and almost spectacular, start to our Saturday morning in Melbourne. They, like a bunch of Melbourne coffee joints, are getting the most out of their shiny Synessos. The Synesso just edged out the Slayer for popularity in the cafes we checked out over our weekend.

Seven Seeds gets an honourable mention for the hot chocolate with latte art (you know what I mean) and solid chocolate stirring stick…


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