Brisbane Cafe Review: Elixir Cafe and Roastery, Stafford

Ahh, Saturday breakfast, how I love you. Breakfast is better with friends. So we bundled into one car early (8am) on Saturday morning and drove to Stafford to check out this place I’d heard good things about. Elixir Coffee.

This place talks the specialty coffee talk – but the real question in my mind – can they walk the walk. They have all the elements of a top shelf cafe. A roaster, in house, a La Marzocco on the bench, house blends, a bevy of grinders, single origins, tasting cards, and cheap meals.

We walked through the doors (after scoring a lucky car park pretty close to the doors) and wow. Packed. Full of energy. Heaps of staff, who were all very friendly. A good shelf full of coffee bits and bobs – including the Pullman Tamper, and a few other higher end specialty knick knacks. I was feeling at home.

The coffees in the grinders on Saturday were a Zambia Terranova (one of my favourites) and the Fratelli Blend. Both were excellent. So good I ordered a couple. And one of our dinepanions, a non-coffee drinker, enjoyed the third coffee she has ever had in her life. A white chocolate mocha. Baby steps. It’s early days. But she liked it.

The coffees were impressive.

I love it when a piccolo comes with latte art.

The food was great too. Very cheap, for a cafe, it came out quickly, and it was tasty.

The tasting cards are an impressive touch, of all the other places I’ve reviewed, only Dandelion and Driftwood offer them in store (as far as I’m aware).

So, in all, an impressive little institution in Stafford’s industrial back streets. A good variety of blends, a good selection of single origin coffees, and all taste as they should (according to the description). The first round of coffees was perfect. My second was a little too hot.

Their Fratelli blend was interesting, well rounded, but not knock your socks off in any particular category. It was almost perfectly blended – but maybe really spectacular coffee experiences have to have a major. An emphatic flavour that you remember.

But, on the whole, a solid effort and a place I’m happy to recommend.


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