A Mug’s Game: How I ended the search for the perfect home coffee cup

Picking the right cup for coffee making at home is pretty tricky. There are all sorts of cups on the market from the dual walled and incredibly fragile Bodum beauties (seriously, dropping one of those, or having a professional curtain cleaner who’s in your house to clean your curtains as you’re about to move and knocks one off the bench, is a heart wrenching experience), down to el cheapo ugly white catering cups that you might find in your average conference facility.

I’ve got some old colourful cups that are, frankly, looking a little tired, and some beautiful white demitasse cups that my parents brought me back from a trip to Italy that are nice, except that my wife drinks piccolos and the small cups are not quite as thick and substantial as the big ones.

After a couple of trips to Brisbane cafes that sell the beautifully weighted D’Ancap cups (at Cup, and Uncle Joe’s) I got a little bit of cup envy, and had a look for Australian retailers. They’re pretty hard to find. You can buy them from here, but the Palermo which is my favourite, is $13.50. Which is a lot if you want to buy four.

I didn’t want to spend $60 on new cups. But I still wanted something heavy and in the ‘tulip’ shape that I love. So I looked around some more. And I found these Rockingham cups. From Hospitality Direct. I bought blue 90mL cups ($4.25), and blue 180mL cups ($5.46) – it appears that postage is included in these prices, because I didn’t pay anything more. And I like them lots.

A chance mishap with a heavy bowl in the kitchen sink gave me the opportunity to get some idea just how thick they are.

I like them lots.

They’ve got a great weight, they were relatively cheap, and they look nice. So they get my tick of approval.

A Mug’s Game: Drink your coffee in style with these 10 unique mugs

A good cup is important when you’re drinking espresso drinks – size matters.

But if you’re after quantity – then a good mug is important. Whether you’re drinking your office prepared aeropress, or brewing up some exquisite filter coffee to quaff by the gallon – a mug that expresses your personality will hold you in good stead. Here are ten mugs that will speak volumes of your personality while you drink voluminous amounts of coffee.

This Fred & Friends knuckleduster mug will have you keeping your colleagues hands off your coffee, and your mug, if you’re not the sharing type.

This stacked ceramic 12 ounce mug will overstate your ability to churn through the coffee. Which may be important if you’re trying to outsnob one of your coffee drinking colleagues.

If you want to make sure that your coffee is keeping your tank running full – then this gauged mug, indicating the temperature of your cuppa with a changing guide, will keep you going all day.

Coffee is a miracle. And for many it’s a religious experience, complete with rituals. So, if you want to impress other true believers – get a hold of this cup and find Mary in your Crema. Or your dregs.

Sick of not finding your mug when you head to the cupboard? Then stave off the mug thieves with a permanently dirty mug. It has the added benefit of making you look like a staid, and steady, coffee drinker with years of experience.

While you’re still getting to your ideal coffee to milk ratio to determine the strength of your morning and afternoon brews – this handy mug with built in visual guide will help out.

Have a friend, or colleague, who insists on drinking decaf? Or worse. Instant. Then this is the only appropriate mug for them.

If you’re after style, and substance, and you want to look from afar like you’ve just hit up your favourite cafe… then grab one of these not a paper cup travel cups.

Are you into drinking coffee while you do the puzzles in the newspaper? Then this amazing mug is for you. It’s not available yet, but Perpetual Kid will notify you when they have it in stock if you sign up here.

If you like coffee then you should put a ring on it. You can express your heartfelt commitment to the bean with this ringed mug.

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