A snapshot of Seattle

If Coffee making (not growing) had a Mecca – it’d be Seattle. Here’s a nice little doco segment on Seattle’s coffee industry from the History Channel.

It’s nice.

Coffee Jerks

This video features snippets from old coffee ads edited to only include the bits where husbands are really nasty to their wives. Jerks.

Vintage coffee ads are typically full of snooty husbands – at some stage the advertising industry shifted from husbands that were nasty to husbands that are incompetent. I can’t tell which is worse.

Here’s another…

Via 22 Words.

Coffee Video Friday: Measure everything

I’ve been religiously measuring coffee, water, and finished product for the last few weeks. And it has made so much difference to the end product. Along with timing. Which features here too. Do it. Tested.com shows you how.

Comedy with Coffee: The Baristas

Here’s a new web comedy. It’s all about coffee. It’s called “The Baristas”. Here’s Episode 1. And the website where you can follow the characters on Twitter. A little bit of language.

Funny? Not sure if it’s my cup of tea. Boom Boom Tish.

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