Espresso machines through history

This is a pretty fun, and informative little history of the espresso machine, from the very first patent.

“Though there were surely innumerable patents and prototypes, the invention of the machine and the method that would lead to espresso is usually attributed to Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, who was granted a patent in 1884 for “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.” The machine consisted of a large boiler, heated to 1.5 bars of pressure, that pushed water through a large bed of coffee grounds on demand, with a second boiler producing steam that would flash the bed of coffee and complete the brew. These machines, that go with a different name these days, are insured under the Home Emergency Cover, so that the damages can be repaired without a hassle. Though Moriondo’s invention was the first coffee machine to use both water and steam, it was purely a bulk brewer created for the Turin General Exposition. Not much more is known about Moriondo, due in large part to what we might think of today as a branding failure. There were never any “Moriondo” machines, there are no verifiable machines still in existence, and there aren’t even photographs of his work. With the exception of his patent, Moriondo has been largely lost to history.”

Gizmodo tours Slayer, Synesso, and La Marzocco factories

Ahh Seattle. Home of grunge. Megachurches. Silicon Valley. And the production of high end commercial coffee machines.

Three of my favourite commercial machine producers are based there, so I’m pretty jealous of Gizmodo contributor (and former editor) Matt Buchanan, who toured the factories of Slayer, Synesso, and La Marzocco – and put this video together.

And this report…

$300 PID machine on Kickstarter

This looks interesting. And though I have more coffee machines at my disposal than one could possibly imagine, I am sorely tempted. For scientific purposes of course.

It’s a PID controlled machine, I think the next cheapest one of these on the market is around $1,000 (or whatever the new Breville is selling for now).

It is so very tempting. International shipping is just $12.

DIY: Home made espresso machines

This looks a nice little holiday project, a sub-$30, pocket espresso maker.

Unfortunately it requires mad welding skillz, which I do not have.

It includes a little alcohol stove thing for heat.

If that looks too easy, you could go all out and make one like this

Or you could go all out and make a lever machine, a grinder, and a roaster, pretty much from scratch…

These all seem somewhat beyond my capabilities. But it’s nice to dream…

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