Brisbane Cafe Review: Coffee Hit Specialty Coffee, Carindale

The idea of a gas fired commercial coffee roaster pumping out the aroma of roasting coffee in the heart of the foodcourt of a major shopping centre sounds pretty crazy. But that’s what Coffee Hit Carindale promises. The roaster isn’t hooked up to roast yet. At the moment it’s a nifty piece of visual marketing for this cafe, and they’re currently (according to their shelves and someone I spoke to) serving up a blend roasted by Veneziano in Melbourne. They’ve got some beans sitting there spinning around but I’m withholding final judgment from this place till they start roasting their own goodies.

We were there a couple of days after opening, and it was packed.

The food is pretty good.

The coffee was, without question, the best coffee I’ve ever consumed… in a shopping centre. It wasn’t terrific, but if you’re doing the grocery shopping or the tiresome hanging out outside clothes shops, then it’s a welcome coffee hit. It wasn’t a bad drop. The milk was a little bubbly, rather than glossy. The flavour was good, but better on the second or third sips, and even in the aftertaste, than it was on the first taste. It dominated the front of my mouth, rather than filling every corner, it was fruity with hints of berry and a little bit of brown sugar and chocolate. Those were my tasting notes. But they are, like all tasting notes, essentially meaningless.


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