Introducing: Coffee Commons

One of the things I love about snooping on the specialty coffee scene online is just how nice they all are to each other. Coming from a background in the tourism industry, where one of the major avenues for success is teaching businesses who might see themselves as rivals to think of themselves as partners, it’s just so nice to see that coffee people already get that. And two cafes in the same suburb are actually much more likely to be in competition with one another than a jetski tour and a car hire company… But when you watch the owners of the cafes you love interacting on Twitter, or follow little bits and pieces of coffee news online, you get the impression that people who are seriously into coffee are seriously interested in improving quality across the board.

Which is where this new website – Coffee Common – come in.

Check out the website. Here’s the first paragraph from the about page.

“We of Coffee Common gather as a community with shared values. We understand coffee as the most complex and extraordinary beverage in the world. We believe that great coffee requires study, experimentation, craftsmanship, and humility. We believe that great coffee is, at its best, a collaboration of an empowered coffee farmer, an artisan coffee roaster, a dedicated barista, and an enlightened consumer. We believe that collaboration can be an act that promotes global economic prosperity, social parity, cultural exchange, and culinary expression.

We also believe that coffee doesn’t need sugar.”

It sounds a bit like a church, committed to spreading the good news together. And I like that.

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