Brisbane Cafe Review: Thecoffeebean, Camp Hill

This little hole-in-the-wall set-up is a hyphenated-recipe-for-success. Tucked in a trendy little restaurant strip in Camp Hill suburbia it gets, from our observations, a steady stream of foot traffic, and it’s oh so handy for the Camp Hill latte set.

Meals are priced for eating, not for looking. We were pleasantly surprised to find reasonable cafe fare at the fair sub $15 mark. Most things were a couple of dollars cheaper than I would expect to pay elsewhere. They produce an impressive range for such a small kitchenette.

These pancakes were the goods.

Thecoffeebean get their beans from a Sydney microroastery. They’ve obviously invested into quality materials for the store – packing a black La Marzocco, and a shiny Mazzer.

But. The coffees weren’t great. The roast is oh so dark. I caught site of the shiny, dark chocolate brown, beans through the hopper, and I knew I was in for something a little bit bitter.

I wasn’t surprised, so nor was I disappointed. The coffee wasn’t awful as a flat white, where the milk diluted the acrid flavour a little, which though on the hot side, was textured pretty nicely, as a Piccolo it was pretty difficult to drink. Sugar would have been the order of the day, had I not read something somewhere about a pinch of salt being the perfect foil for a bitter coffee. And it worked. It became drinkable.

I’m hoping this place will improve, because it’s nice and handy. But if it doesn’t, at least it has a nice logo (which looks a lot like the favicon that graces this ‘ere corner of the Internet).

Reading their website, and their “Brisbane’s most iconic espresso bar” claim on their Facebook page, it’s clear that this is a little project for somebody with a marketing degree. They talk the talk, but they need to learn to crawl a little before making such grandios claims.


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