Cafe Review: Milany, Racecourse Road, Hamilton

On Friday night, after downing a duck stir-fry and a beer (or two) at the Newmarket Hotel, we headed out to Racecourse Road with our dining companions for some after-dinner gelati and coffee. Otherwise known as Dessert. Our destination Caffe e Gelato Milany, one of Brisbane’s cutting edge vendors of all things gelati. Owned by pole-vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva (the search terms that pop up when you search for Cafe Milany on Google are indicative of some SEO shenanigans)1 They’ve won awards for their iced delights. And it shows.

But their coffee left a little to be desired. I ordered my standard double shot flat white – which came with the foam of a poorly made cappuccino. It was a little bitter. But not the worst coffee I’ve ever had. And it was, on the whole, pretty drinkable. I’d say it was a two sugar coffee. Or perhaps a one sugar coffee (provided you’ve ordered some gelati to offset it – the gelati really was amazing). Which I’ve decided might be an appropriate metric for assessing coffees when we’re not at the specialty end of the equation.

The temperature was adequate. It was slightly better with the crema stirred through properly. Which is, incidentally, why latte art makes for better coffee.

But who am I kidding – nobody is really going there just for the coffee. It’s not the main attraction. This is:

1 The results in the description block on Google read: “things to do, crapes, waffle, Belgium waffle, pan cake, fun, liqueur, Plamen Milanov, Tatiana Grigorieva, milany, pole vault, chocolate, sweet,”


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