Good news week(end)…

Or rather, good weekend news.

Both Bunker Coffee (Milton) and One Drop Specialty Coffee (Fortitude Valley) made my top 10 last year, and both have thrown open their doors for Saturday breakfasts. While Monday is my day off/cafe day, and it appears certain establishments choose to take Mondays off, Saturday is a close second as far as I’m concerned.

Read my reviews at the links above. Hit these guys up on Facebook and Twitter for the latest (and some snaps of their menu items).

Image: Flat White, One Drop Specialty Coffee

Image: An exterior shot of the Bunker.

Crema Magazine’s Top Five Cafes in Brisbane

Crema Magazine is one of a handful of fantastic coffee magazines that I’d like to subscribe to but am forced to read in cafes… they have just put together a list of Brisbane’s top 5 cafes. And the usual suspects are there… I love that Brisbane’s cafe scene is so vibrant.

Here is their top five list:

1. Cup Coffee, West End
2. Dandelion and Driftwood, Hendra
3. One Drop Coffee, Fortitude Valley
4. Campos Coffee, Fortitude Valley
5. Bunker Coffee, Milton

Congrats to those guys for being recognised. The Corner Store cafe was given an honourable mention, but were probably too new to be in the running.

Here’s my top 10, with links to my reviews.

  1. Brisbane Coffee Reviews: Dandelion and Driftwood
  2. One Drop Specialty Coffee
  3. Cup Coffee, West End
  4. Veneziano’s First Pour Brisbane
  5. The Corner Store Cafe, Toowong
  6. Bunker Coffee, Milton
  7. BlackStar Coffee
  8. Pourboy Espresso, Brisbane CBD
  9. Campos, Fortitude Valley
  10. Fifth Battery Roasters, Fortitude Valley

Brisbane Cafe Review: Stellarossa, Milton

Just down the road from Bunker Coffee on Railway Terrace in Milton was this rather sharp looking Stellarossa Cafe – it’s the central warehouse for a Brisbane franchiser specialising in Di Bella Coffee. Its spacious, trendy, and modern fit out offers a stark contrast to Bunker Coffee. There’s heaps of room to kick back, comfy seats, and plenty of tables… sadly, the coffee also contrasts Bunker Coffee. It was depthless. Boring. Though not unpleasant or bad. It didn’t need sugar. It just didn’t set the tastebuds alight like the Blackstar Beans on offer at Bunker (Bunker Coffee also have “guest roaster” slots on Wednesdays – this week they’re featuring a single origin from Cup).

The coffee was probably slightly too hot – though having just enjoyed a couple of coffees at Bunker our palates were probably a little fatigued. I need to learn my limits for the number of coffees I can adequately review in a day – because there’s no doubt this suffered by comparison.

I did like the Rip Curl latte art.

And the hanging, framed, coffee bags.

On the plus side, there’s plenty of food on offer in the cabinets, and the shiny Nuova Simonelli is more than capable of producing good, drinkable coffee. The service was friendly, though I’m always slightly concerned when a barista offers to put sugar in my coffee.


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

Brisbane Cafe Review: Bunker Coffee, Milton

Bunker Coffee. Brisbane’s smallest cafe? Maybe. Converting an abandoned bomb shelter/garage with street frontage into a little hole-in-the-wall cafe is a great use of space. And if you add vines that camouflage your shop front with real leaves – you’re just one step away from classy. The final piece of the puzzle is great coffee with friendly service. Bunker Coffee in Milton has it all.

Here’s our first round of orders – a picollo latte and a flat white.

They use Blackstar Coffee, and serve up a storm with real chocolate used to dust cappuccinos and hot chocolates – this place is worthy of a trip by its own right. The swiss chocolate comes in big blocks that they grate. The hot chocolates are well worthwhile. Fantastically rich and smooth.

The “Goblin” and “Milky Goblin” are in-house specialties. Basically a cross between a long black, a macchiato, a picollo and a flat white. Or something like that. Think a Macchiato with a little extra milk, or a picollo with less froth…

All coffees are pulled on doppio ristrettos so they pack a little extra punch and you get a pretty full bodied experience. I love Blackstar coffee. So I love Bunker Coffee. I also noticed a kilo bag of Cup Coffee on the shelf. These guys seem pretty well connected.

A nice shiny La Marzocco and beautiful double walled Bodum cups make drinking in a pleasure. A $24 six pack takeaway iced coffee/iced chocolate seems like a pretty good deal. And I love the liberal smattering of [square brackets] repeated from the logo on the menu board. The place feels cool, add the bicycles leaned against the viney wall and you’ve got a fun little stop right out of an Enid Blyton novel. Their webshop also sells Aeropress for $5 less than I’ve seen them elsewhere (a bargain at $49). You can also follow them on Twitter, and a few “coming soon” bits of their website look exciting.

If there’s a cyclone or an air raid threat I know where I’ll be heading to stay safe and enjoy good coffee.


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

Beanhunter Updated

If you love coffee and iPhones and travelling to places you’re unfamiliar with. Or if you’re just looking for something new and different. Beanhunter has you covered. It’s a brilliant crowd sourced coffee review app that sits snuggly in the confines of your iPhone and helps you avoid bad coffee. What more could you want? How about an updated version. That’s right. Christmas came late this year. Beanhunter has just released an update to their website and their app (on the App Store).

There are 225 cafes reviewed in Brisbane alone, so it’s well worth checking out. Do it. You won’t regret it. I can’t speak any more highly of an iPhone app.

They’re sociable types too. On both Facebook and Twitter.

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