Brisbane Cafe Review: Belaroma Coffee Centre, Stones Corner

Belaroma has been a bit of a Sydney coffee institution for some time. One of Australia’s most famous baristas, Scottie Callaghan, is the face of their brand (check out his latte art skills in the video below). So one expects big things when they open up a “Coffee Centre” in one of Brisbane’s trendiest little cafe strips.

It was fun to see the barista using customised dosing tools, while the coffee inspired fitout, replete with laminated coffee sack tables, canvas prints of macro coffee photography, a coffee table made from a coffee machine, and a grinder lamp, and funky red wall brew bar setup also inspired confidence.

Belaroma also offers some light dining options..

The coffee was initially disappointing. The shiny La Marzocco (I couldn’t tell if it was a mistral or a mirage) promised so much.

The milk was a little too separated, and slightly too hot. The roast was a little too dark for my preference. And it was fairly bitter up front with a fruity and spicy acidity on the finish. Once the too foamy blend of milk and crema was gone it was actually a very pleasant coffee. I really loved the spiciness of the aftertaste, which the tasting notes on the blackboard identified as cardamon.


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