Brisbane Cafe Review: One Drop Specialty Coffee

When a cafe in your backyard is in the top ten cafes in your nation on beanhunter, and you haven’t been there yet, then you’re not much of a coffee blogger. Are you? So. When I had a moment free this morning I hit the road to check out what is currently rated as the 9th best cafe in Australia. One Drop Specialty Coffee.

So did it live up to the hype? Short answer. Yes.

Coffee at One Drop is an art form, I can’t say that they’re definitely better than a place like Cup (which doesn’t have quite the same level of esteem on Beanhunter). But they’re definitely worth a visit. Repeat visits.

Set in the open lobby of an office building on St Pauls Terrace in Fortitude Valley, One Drop doesn’t look as fancy as the French cafe right next door. But don’t go to the wrong place by mistake.

The coffee was great. Their house blend, a mix of Indian, Brazillian, Colombian and PNG beans (all of which I roast myself, which reminds me why I love the quality service of Ministry Grounds in terms of sourcing coffee). It was delicious. It’s really hard to describe the flavours in milk coffee – but it was sweet, with traces of fruit (berry) and nuts, and chocolate, mixed with coffee. Yum.

Tasty. The temperature was great. There was no trace of bitterness. Well worth another cup.

So I had one. A piccolo.

This was on a single origin from the Dominican Republic – roasted by Wolff Roasters (the roaster behind Dandelion and Driftwood). It was so delicious that the aftertaste lingered in my mouth for a couple of hours. A nice caramel and something resembling apple pie. Really good stuff. I’d drink it again in a flash. Which might mean another trip into Fortitude Valley.

The big downside to this place is that it’s not open on weekends. Which is a pain. I would have been there before (in fact we parked nearby on our coffee crawl only to discover that they were shut). So don’t go on a Saturday expecting to get your daily coffee quota – book a work meeting there instead.

Here the guys behind One Drop (who were a friendly pair, and happy to chat not just with their stream of regulars but with a lone ranger coffee blogger who hung around trying different seats and coffees. I love coffee people) demonstrate their approach to latte art.


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

Beanhunter Updated

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There are 225 cafes reviewed in Brisbane alone, so it’s well worth checking out. Do it. You won’t regret it. I can’t speak any more highly of an iPhone app.

They’re sociable types too. On both Facebook and Twitter.

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