Bangalow Cafe Review: Zentvelds

During a recent holiday at Byron Bay, we ducked up the hill to the delightful town of Bangalow. I remember Bangalow fondly because of years of Northern Rivers television advertising Abracadabra Baskets (I’ve included the ad at the bottom of this post – the video quality is awful so I’ve tried to clip it to just the video controls).

Anyway, we stopped in at Zentvelds, a pioneer of sorts in the Australian coffee scene, they specialise in Aussie grown coffee, as well as sourcing beans from around the globe. It’s nice to walk into a cafe in semi-rural Australia to find a shiny Synesso and a barista who clearly knows his craft. I’m formulating a theory that you can judge a cafe by the books and magazines available in store – anybody featuring Crema, Bean Scene or Cafe Republic – a book about the Australian coffee industry (featuring a chapter about Zentvelds) is probably worth checking out. Zentvelds took over a pizzeria when setting up shop, so there are still some bits and pieces (and menu items) left over from the old days.

The Zentvelds Cafe in Bangalow backs onto the town’s sub-tropical rainforest, and has a nice outdoorsy deck, complete with chandelier – because that’s how Bangalow rolls.

The temperature and texture were spot on – and if you’re on a bit of a jaunt to the Byron/Bangalow region you can rest assured there’s good coffee to be had in a few places. And Zentvelds is one of them.


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