Coffee Infographic: Caffeine at work

Nice little infographic from life in the office. My coffee in the office solution is an aeropress. It significantly cuts down on time spent preparing coffee at work, so it’s less of a cost for your employer. Which is socially responsible.

Getting your caffeine fix in the office
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Coffee Infographic: 50 ways to drink your java

There are many ways to enjoy a coffee, and many ways to ruin good coffee by trying to enjoy it… while this infographic struggles with some basic english, it provides a bunch of new drink varieties for you to google.

 50 types of Italian coffee: espresso, cappuccino and many more
50 types of Italian coffee: espresso, cappuccino and many more by Charming Italy

Coffee Infographic Friday: A visual guide to popular drinks

While the infographic I posted a couple of weeks ago went down the pie graph path for explaining the content of some standard (and some rare) coffee fare – this one sticks to the basics to make sure you get your drinks right first time, every time.

From, where there are heaps more.

Coffee Infographic Friday: The comparative water use of different substance

Coffee is not the most environmentally friendly drink out there – especially when you’re considering the water used to produce it.

From the Economist:

“A cup of coffee, for example, needs a great deal more water than that poured into the pot. According to a new book on the subject, 1,120 litres of water go into producing a single litre of the beverage, once growing the beans, packaging and so on are measured.”

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