January 2, 2013 Nathan

Gold Coast Cafe Review: Canteen, Burleigh Heads

If you judge a cafe by a very steady patronage then Canteen is on a winner – we stopped in for a morning brew on the way back from a trip to New South Wales, and in the hour we were there a steady stream of customers joined us for a morning cuppa.

I don’t judge a cafe by patronage – but by the coffee – and Canteen is on a winner there too.

Sadly, they were all out of single origins today, so I settled for two double shot flat whites made on their house blend – which is roasted by Deluxe Coffee Roasters. My wife enjoyed the Cold Press Iced Latte – I had a little taste of that, and it was pretty special.

Canteen is a bit of a hole in the wall, with great lighting and a beautiful La Marzocco Strada, manned by a team of baristas who seem to know their way around the machine.

They’ve got a small retail section, some nibblies, and a great team of service staff – all designed to keep the customers – who spill out into a pretty large outdoor alley seating area – satisfied. They’ve also got a bunch of “how to cards” for a range of brew methods – so they’re serious about helping their customers improve their mad coffee skillz.

We were pretty satisfied. My flat whites were strong, smooth, and full bodied – the milk was perfect. The flavour was rich and mellow. Like velvet. The best bit was the beautiful back of mouth sweetness that lingered well and truly after the cup was finished.

Between Canteen, Blackboard, and Canvas – there aren’t many places on the Gold Coast that require you to go without great coffee if you’re taking in a bit of sunshine for a few days.

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