December 21, 2012 Nathan

Where you can get your (specialty) coffee fix in Brisbane over Christmas 2012

The Christmas break is a horrible time to be a coffee fan in Brisbane. You’re off work – but everything is shut. Well. Almost.

Here’s your guide to surviving the Christmas break. I’ll update this post as more info comes in.

The following cafes are keeping the doors open, and the lights on, with just a day or two shut, but modified hours…

Uncle Joes Coffee House – Open every day except New Years.
Cup (Wooloongabba) – Open Tues-Sat, excluding public holidays.
LTD Espresso (Valley) – Closed Christmas and Boxing Day, possibly open 1 Jan.
Blackstar (West End) – Closed Public holidays only.
Belaroma (Wooloongabba) – Closed public holidays only.
Divisione Tecnica (Newstead) – Closed public holidays only.
Fort Specialty Coffee – Closed 24-26 Dec.

These cafes are closed between the following dates (inclusive):

Dramanti (CBD) – Closed 21 Dec – 2 Jan
Dramanti (Wynnum) – Closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Cup (West End) – Closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Grindhouse – Closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Bunker – closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Campos Coffee – Closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Veneziano First Pour – closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan
Cleanskin – closed 23 Dec – 7 Jan
One Drop – closed 21 Dec – 7 Jan
Dandelion and Driftwood – closed 23 Dec – 14 Jan

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