October 10, 2012 Nathan

Sunshine Coast Cafe Review: The Good Bean, Mooloolaba

Last time we stayed at Mooloolaba I had to drink Jamaica Blue coffee, it was either that, or myriad other big coffee chains who have set up shop along the beachside strip. This time was different.

I wasn’t expecting to be drinking coffee in Mooloolaba – I wasn’t even expecting to be staying there, but here we were – and when my head popped up after a little bit of a swim, I saw the words “The Good Bean Espresso Bar” across the beach and up the stairs. I have a bias towards cafes that are named “Espresso Bar” or have “Specialty Coffee” on their sign somewhere.

Anyway. We crossed the road, and there, on the bench, surrounded by hessian coffee sacks (another good sign, some of the time), was a nice, shiny, Australian designed, Syncrho, that looked like it was purring like a happy kitten being looked after some caring baristas.

I didn’t have my phone on me – but my afternoon flat white featured a beautifully poured swan. And I decided we’d be back the next morning, after breakfast. We were.

The coffees were, as Veneziano Coffees are, delicious. Sweet and fruity. Creamy. Well produced, and served with a nice chocolate freckle on the side. Mooloolaba is probably my favourite Sunshine Coast getaway, and the Good Bean will be the icing on the cake. It’s a top notch little spot.

It’s a popular little spot – and it’s easy to see why – I love their simple approach to pricing – extra shots are free. Which just makes sense. The staff were friendly. It’s a nice relaxed beachside spot. Highly recommended. Here’s their Facebook page.


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