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Brisbane Cafe Review: Lady Marmalade, Stones Corner

They replace table numbers with toy animals, which is a nice touch.

Lady Marmalade is a pretty rustic corner store come cafe with a nice little window bench and an eclectic mix of outdoor seating. It’s, I think the word is, “distressed” style. Bricks with beautifully peeled paint. Old school chairs with decoupaged classics.

The menu was pretty good, leaning away from the traditional egg based breakfast options (one meal had baked eggs, other than that… nada), and according to the signs they’re competitive (UPDATE: Their Facebook Page reveals they won the Sandwichship Title).

The food, like the setup, was rustic, wholesome, and pretty tasty. I had the avocado and tomato sourdough toast with a potato and feta hash, haloumi, and maple bacon on the side.

My wife had the roast pumpkin, haloumi, and pesto sourdough toast with some of my bacon, and a potato and feta hash.

As I’ve said before at this particular juncture, this isn’t a breakfast blog – though that would be fun – but rather a coffee blog. And their coffee – pulled on what looked like a Wega (though the back of the machine was obscured), pouring Genovese coffee in a (now seemingly industry standard) double ristretto (or so someone said).

Here are my tasting notes.

The crema wasn’t really mixed in at all so the first mouthful was bitter, almost acrid, with a completely vacuous body, a powdery mouthfeel. After a quick stir the flavour balanced out a little, while it was still bitter it was a pleasant darkest of dark chocolate bitter. My wife’s picolo was much better.

In all, with Grindhouse just down the road – do what we did – eat a fantastic and wholesome breakfast at Lady Marmalade and drink coffee at Grindhouse. That’s the best of both worlds. Right there.

Lady Marmalade is on Facebook, on the web, and open seven days..


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