January 31, 2011 Nathan

The Muppets say “drink coffee, or else”

This is a series of coffee adverts from the 1950s. So cool. They were made by Muppet creator Jim Henson, here are some details on the brief he was given…

β€œIn 1957, Jim Henson was approached by a Washington, D.C. coffee company to produce ads for Wilkins Coffee. The local stations only had ten seconds for station identification, so the commercials had to be lightning-fast β€” essentially, eight seconds for the commercial pitch and a two-second shot of the product.”

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Nathan Nathan is a coffee lover, home roaster, amateur barista and coffee tinkerer. He's married, has two kids, one turtle, and for a day job works for Creek Road Presbyterian Church. He previously worked in PR. This blog is his attempt to make coffee tax deductible.

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  1. maso


    And if I’m not mistaken … you seem to be promoting instant tinned coffee here?! Good to see!

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