June 6, 2011 Nathan

McDonalds apologises for bad coffee, promises to do better

I read this article in the Australian with interest. And then watched as a McDonalds rep promised a “richer darker blend” to solve all their coffee problems. It’s odd. Because most specialty roasters I know tend towards a lighter single origin to improve the quality of their product. Listening to McDonalds talk about coffee is like listening to computers speak english, the words are right, the context is ok, but it doesn’t necessarily compute.

I saw the ad for the first time last night, I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of it.

“McDonald’s chief operating officer, Helen Nash, told The Australian: “We are the largest coffee chain in Australia, but we know we are not the most loved.”

On Sunday, McDonald’s will launch a national advertising campaign apologising for its coffee and urging customers to speak up if it continues to fail to meet their expectations.

In what will be its biggest advertising campaign in the past two years, stretching across TV, radio, newspapers and social media, McDonald’s will admit it needs to do better. Ms Nash said the feedback from customers about its coffee had been overwhelming.”

I do like this old McDonalds Coffee ad though…

Via Brand Infection.

Can McDonalds fix their coffee? How?

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