February 8, 2011 Nathan

Coffee Videos of the Week: Up close with the Syphon

I’ve been trying to make syphon coffee daily in order to perfect my technique. It’s such a cool way to make coffee. I feel like I should be wearing a lab coat every time I fire up my little butane burner thing.

This video captures a little bit of the romance of syphon coffee. Glorying in the details.

The Syphon Project from Jacob Forrest on Vimeo.

Here’s another one – this is by the same people who made the Cup Coffee promo video.


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Nathan Nathan is a coffee lover, home roaster, amateur barista and coffee tinkerer. He's married, has two kids, one turtle, and for a day job works for Creek Road Presbyterian Church. He previously worked in PR. This blog is his attempt to make coffee tax deductible.

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  1. Amy

    Nathan can you tell me why I must branch out and have a siphon coffee? Whats the big attraction?

    • For me it’s the aesthetic… the taste is different (obviously different to espresso) to other filter methods it seems a bit clearer and brighter, plunger has always had a muddiness to it that Syphon doesn’t. I haven’t tried other types of pourover, other than those drip filter machines that every workplace in the world has), and it’s much nicer than that.

      I wouldn’t say it’s a must. But it’s a fun, hands on, way to make coffee. And professional tasters swear by it for tasting the nuances of single origin coffee.

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