February 25, 2011 Nathan

Coffee Infographic Friday: The comparative water use of different substance

Coffee is not the most environmentally friendly drink out there – especially when you’re considering the water used to produce it.

From the Economist:

“A cup of coffee, for example, needs a great deal more water than that poured into the pot. According to a new book on the subject, 1,120 litres of water go into producing a single litre of the beverage, once growing the beans, packaging and so on are measured.”

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Nathan Nathan is a coffee lover, home roaster, amateur barista and coffee tinkerer. He's married, has two kids, one turtle, and for a day job works for Creek Road Presbyterian Church. He previously worked in PR. This blog is his attempt to make coffee tax deductible.

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  1. Michael

    What is a litre of coffee? Like a litre of espresso or a litre of plunger coffee?

    • I suspect brewed coffee. It’s probably American. And that’s all the masses in America know about…

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