March 4, 2011 Nathan

Coffee Bean Review: Costa Rica De Licho from Cup

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Cup in West End. But when we were perusing their wares during our recent Coffee Crawl I decided to splash out on some single origin beans to review. And I settled on a One Third Kilo bag of Costa Rica De Licho beans. And I’m glad I did. Wow.

These beans were ok at first. In fact, for the first couple of cups I would have called them average. But then, something magical happened. 10 days post roast these beans just went nuts. Or fruits. Apricot I reckon. Sweet, with a lingering apricoty flavour. It transformed. Somehow. The coffee I had at home, in my dining room, on Tuesday this week, was just incredible.

I got a little bit sciency, and towards the end of the bag I was pulling incredibly slow shots, and weighing the result. I do very much love a slow poured shot.

This De Licho bean is something special. It’s “honey processed” – and if you’re like me you have no idea what that means. But I’m now educated and here to help. It appears that by cutting down on water use in processing the coffee it’s more environmentally friendly. The beans are dried with the fruit’s flesh on on raised beds. The flesh becomes sticky, and the sugars concentrate – the guy in this video suggests it’s like a candy-bar of coffee parchment. Here’s some info from coffee traders, Mercanta, who confirm the apricots I tasted were real.

Finca Los Lajones – Honey Coffee Processing from Jarda Tucek on Vimeo.

I loved this coffee so much I bought a few kilos from MinistryGrounds to roast myself.

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