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Brisbane Coffee Reviews: Dandelion and Driftwood

Flat white and tasting notesDan­de­lion and Drift­wood is a great lit­tle café in sub­ur­ban Hen­dra. Offer­ing an incredible range of brewed cof­fee vari­eties, using two blends and two sin­gle ori­gins, it’s a sim­ply stun­ning café with a ter­rific aes­thetic. Their web­site is still under con­struc­tion, but their Face­book fan page is sen­sa­tional.

The single origins vary, but the signature Dandelion and Driftwood blends are full of character and deliver on the promise that the little tasting cards that come with them, explaining the character, tasting notes, and origins of the beans in the blend.

Their design and fit-out are immac­u­late and full of char­ac­ter — as is their cof­fee. Staff dress to impress in bow-ties and aprons, and the service is fantastic. There’s a lolly cart capturing a little bit of the vintage milieu, and high tea style cake stands on the counter offering a range of delectable, but slightly expensive, delights. Even their loyalty cards are a beauty to behold. They’ve sweated the details to deliver a pretty stunning result. It’s all very schmick. One of the few places around where the quality of the coffee matches the aesthetic.

Their food menu looks simple, but appealing, and is reasonably priced. We’ll have to go back at some stage for a weekend breakfast.

If you go some­where offer­ing four beans in four Mazzer grinders you know you’re in for a treat I reckon. And it didn’t dis­ap­point.

The flat white was creamy and full bodied, the shot was pulled with precision and was without bitterness, and very smooth. Robyn’s piccolo latte on the Costa Rica single origin they were offering on our first visit was finished all too soon and delivered on the “buttery mouthfeel” promised. We’ve been back, and the consistent quality of their coffee is pretty spot on.


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

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