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Brisbane Cafe Review: Veneziano’s First Pour Brisbane

Ahh. I love it when a cafe blows my expectations out of the water. I’d been expecting great things from Veneziano – I’d read about its Melbourne version for years on Coffeesnobs.

It was high on my “to visit” list of cafes when moving back to Brisbane. But then I discovered some other good coffee. And got busy. And I have no really good excuses. But last weekend’s coffee crawl was a terrific opportunity to head over to Montague Road, West End, to check it out.

First impressions count – and Veneziano packs a visual punch. Wooden lettering pledges that they’ll be “true to the bean” coffee pot seedlings are being carefully nurtured in one corner, and an upstairs seating area overlooks their roastery on one side (it does get a little hot) and the bar on the other.

I approached the counter confident that the coffee was going to be worth the trip – and then noticed the business card on the bench top – I mentioned in the coffee crawl review post that my old barista/coffee trainer Jia from Coffee Dominion in Townsville (I’ll have to review them at some stage) was in the house at Veneziano. Which was a pleasant surprise.

Jia is a friendly chap who travelled the globe a couple of years ago learning about coffee. And the trip paid off. He took us upstairs and promised to knock our socks off with a chemex brew. And wow. Just wow. It was everything he promised. Expertly prepared (and now I want to buy one) and deliciously fruity. Full of strawberry. Amazing. Incredible.

So then, in the name of science, I subjected myself to my standard double shot flat white. Which, again, was terrific. Sweet. Well rounded. With a delicious and rich undertone. Thick, smooth, and perfectly silky. I’d highly recommend a trip. I’ll be going back. Sadly, Jia left before I ordered my coffee and the young barista’s latte art just wasn’t as good as his – check out Steven Tran’s photos of the artist at work in his Coffee Crawl gallery (his website doesn’t officially launch until March the 1st so shhh)…

And the chemex process…


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

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  1. From what I understand Peter Wolff from Dandelions and Driftwood used to be the roaster (amongst other things) at Venezianos in Brisbane. Don’t quote me on this.

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