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Brisbane Cafe Review: CoffeeGuy, Wooloowin

Of all the specialty coffee outlets in Brisbane, Wooloowin’s CoffeeGuy is probably the place that has most frequently enjoyed my patronage. It has the benefit of being a comfortable environment for holding staff meetings, and serving good coffee. It is one of the few places in town where I, after a year of living in Brisbane, can walk in and be served up my usual. In this case, because I visit in the afternoons, my usual is a cappuccino (or two).

The CoffeeGuy is a boutique roastery with an incredible vibe. Midway through last year they expanded into the shop next door and created one of those great “third place” environments with comfy couches, polished floors and a display wall of all the incredible coffee gadgetry (though admittedly mostly low-fi stuff that doesn’t require electricity) you could possibly wish to poke a stick at (or purchase). The Coffee machine and counter are pushed against the wall in the corners, facing the floor – so it’s a pretty open space and it feels like you’re hanging out in somebody’s spacious kitchen/dining room.

The staff take coffee seriously. Which is nice. And I reckon sitting within sight of big sacks of green beans is a refreshing experience after years where the coffee market was dominated by mega-chains.

So. The coffee. Generally the CoffeeGuy offers a tasty, well balanced coffee which is on the earthy/chocolatey side of the spectrum rather than the acidic/bright side. It’s not knock your socks off sensational and full of mouthfeel like other places, nor are their thousands of flavours clamouring for your attention. But it is smooth, sweet, and tasty. And made with the right mix of love and care. I happily trot through the doors almost weekly. And have no problem recommending their wares.

There’s not much in the way of food – but their cookies and friands always look worthy of consumption.


Bean here (excuse the pun)? Rate it: [five-star-rating]

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Nathan Nathan is a coffee lover, home roaster, amateur barista and coffee tinkerer. He's married, has two kids, one turtle, and for a day job works for Creek Road Presbyterian Church. He previously worked in PR. This blog is his attempt to make coffee tax deductible.

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  1. Damien

    I enjoyed the CoffeeGuy’s hospitality almost daily when I lived in Brisbane. I now return once per year (on my annual pilgrimage back to Brisbane) and they still remember my regular order.

    We started visiting when it first opened and I distinctly remember the feeling of excitement mixed with the small pang of disappointment when it suddenly became popular and was no longer our secret.

    I’m glad to hear they are still doing well and the expansion was successful. I’ll be back there sometime soon.

  2. Phil

    I agree with your review of The Coffee Guy. Nice vibe, good magazines to browse too. One quibble – a machine breakdown meant only one of our two coffees could be served on our last visit. My wife drank her long black, while my Cappuccino just didn’t materialise. When I enquired, staff let me know that the machine was out of action. Not their fault, but meant as a ‘coffee outing’ it wasn’t that great! Thought they might even have made the first cup gratis to compensate for inability to complete the order, but they billed us for the half order anyway.

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