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30 Coffee Tweeps to follow for your ‘spro loving satisfaction

It has taken me over two years to decide that Twitter does indeed serve a purpose. And one of the reasons I’ve decided that this is the case is the bird’s eye view Twitter gives into the ins and outs of the coffee industry at home and abroad. Here are 30 coffee people I think are worth following, including a liberal smattering of people from the Brisbane coffee scene.

Coffee Tweeps

1. @CoffeeGeek – possibly the Coffee twittersphere’s most regular contributor, the man behind the ever popular coffeegeek.com fills his twitter stream with coffee tips, rumours, and the odd geek out about food and photography.

2. @sprudge – the coffee industry rumour mill (the equivalent of the Drudge Report) – attached to “the world’s only coffee tabloid” – sprudge.com

3. @MinistryGrounds – Australia’s leading Green Bean supplier (ministrygrounds.com.au). Without question. Neil is almost ever present on Twitter answering questions and queries mega fast.

4. @Tonx – perhaps coffee’s most brilliant Flickr contributor, worth following just for the occasional photo. Like this one:

From: Tonx’s Flickr Stream.

5. @Jimseven – James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion, coffee blogger of note, podcaster, the man behind @squaremile coffee roasters.

6. @RichardManley – Brisbane coffee geek, home roaster, constant stream of thought provoking coffee related goodness.

7. @YeeZaCoffee guru from AIR, former amateur coffee snob and regular contributor to the forum of the same name). (also from AIR – @em_oak)

8. @cupcoffee – West End’s best coffee. Possibly Brisbane’s best coffee. Provides great insight into the ins and outs of running a specialty coffee house (and roastery) in Brisbane (see also @cupespresso, @cupmccann).

9. @tea_coffee – the official account behind the magic at Dandelion and Driftwood. (see also @PennyLowe, @PeterWolff, @wolffroasters)

10. @Hasbean – UK roaster and coffee blogger.

11. @bnecoffee (@petergraham) – this guy has been reviewing Brisbane’s coffee scene for much longer than me. Worth following to keep abreast of coffee scene developments.

12. @BunkerCoffee – one of Brisbane’s top 5 cafes, and a quickfire Twitterer who is super keen to be helpful regarding all things coffee.

13. @OneDropCoffee (see also @ben_onedrop, @BlaineSwan – the guys behind the magic)

14. @DeadManEspresso – Cafe from Melbourne’s incredible coffee scene. Beautiful aesthetic. Regular cool stuff.

15. @barista_kane – Head barista and coffee dude at the Corner Store Cafe, and a funny guy.

16. @flyingthudStephen Morrissey, 2008 World Barista Champion, ambassador at Intelligentsia Coffee (Twitter).

17. @mercanta – Coffee hunters, responsible for sourcing and supplying good coffee from around the world.

18. @coavacoffee – the innovators behind the metallic Aeropress disk, and the Coava Kone chemex brewer. Amongst other things.

19. @coffee_alchemy – One of Sydney’s leading coffee tweeps.

20. @GwylimBarista – 2009 World Barista Champion, one of the men behind Prufrock Coffee (Twitter).

21. @coffeecommon – The champions of coffee at this year’s TED conference.

22. @BeanSceneEd – A great coffee industry mag.

23. @beanhunterThe best iPhone app in the world, probably the reason the iPhone was invented.

24. @CremaMagazine – Another great coffee industry mag

25. Ssccoottiiee – Scott Callaghan, 2010 Australian Barista Champion

26. @tcvarney – Australian now in Norway working for Tim Wendelboe Coffee.

27. @timwendelboe – 2004 World Barista Champion, Coffee blogger, and author.

28. @otherblackstuffblogger. Coffee geek. Envelope pusher.

29. @7seeds – another luminary from the Melbourne coffee scene.

30. 1shot4theroad – 2010 World Barista Champion just left Intelligentsia to start Handsome Coffee Roasters.

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