March 21, 2012 Nathan

Coffee Recipe: Chemex/Vietnamese Coffee Icy Poles

I saw some coffee icy poles floating around on the internet once upon a time. And I thought to myself: “delicious.” Time passed. We moved house. And in the process I found a set of rocket moulds for icy poles. And I thought to myself: “I should totally make some coffee icy poles”… so I did just that. Here’s how:

I brewed up a Chemex using some delicious Brazilian “Toffee” Cerrado coffee from Ministry Grounds, roasted by yours truly. I’m playing with a fun brewing app called Bloom, so I know that this particular chemex had 40gm of coarse coffee, which I bloomed for a minute, with 60gm of water, and brewed with a 2:34 pour.

I added about three quarters of a tin of condensed milk, and a few dollops of cream to this mix. And stirred.

I poured this concoction into the moulds.

Then added a dessert spoonful of condensed milk to each.

Which sank to the bottom.

The lids went on, and these bad boys went into the freezer.

And then I ate them. Though the tips didn’t come out of the moulds particularly cleanly.

They were quite delicious. And I highly recommend making them yourself. I had some left over mixture, which I drank. It was silky smooth and ridiculously sweet.

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