December 24, 2011 Nathan

The A-Z of Coffee: Alphabet posters to start your kids on a coffee journey

I had a baby this week. Her name is Sophia and she is amazing. I quoted a Proverb from the Bible the other day on my post featuring the five year old baristas. And I intend to take the Bible’s advice very seriously when raising my daughter.

So I was thinking – wouldn’t it be awesome to educate my daughter on the ins and outs of coffee right from when she learns to read and speak. So. Sitting in the hospital room with my sleeping daughter, I got to work with my iPad, my collection of coffee photos, and an app called Phoster. And I made an alphabet. A few of the letters have multiple options.

I will probably make a high res version of these one day. But in the meantime I offer them to you as my Christmas gift to you.

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Nathan Nathan is a coffee lover, home roaster, amateur barista and coffee tinkerer. He's married, has two kids, one turtle, and for a day job works for Creek Road Presbyterian Church. He previously worked in PR. This blog is his attempt to make coffee tax deductible.

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  1. For the record – Qawa is one of the earliest words for coffee, its an arabic loan word used in Africa. A will also be for Aeropress when I take a photo, and C will also be for chemex. S will possibly also be for Stovetop. And F and P will be a French Press and Plunger respectively. G should probably be for Grind as well as for Grinder. And the coffee beans picture stinks – those are some beans I processed from cherries so I had a photo handy…

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